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The WID Michigan Mentorship program is designed for meaningful, productive communication. Protégés benefit from the wisdom and experience of a mentor, and mentors influence the next generation of defense community members.

The Mentorship program provides the opportunity for professional growth for participants at any stage in their career by:

  • Matching individuals seeking mentorship within the defense industry based on similar areas of interest
  • Facilitating the transfer of knowledge based on mentors’ visions, experiences, learning and networking
  • Providing career advice and guidance to newcomers in the defense industry
  • Expanding professional networks
  • Preparing professionals for future career advancements
  • Offering access to new information, ideas, and prospective leaders
  • Creating a culture of sharing and mentoring for the future of the defense industry

The program should not be used as a mechanism to exploit the mentor for business opportunities. The mentorship program is not intended to solve the protégé’s problems but should assist protégé in gaining their own problem-solving skills.

Program Details

  • The duration of the program is one year.
  • Mentor and protégé pairings agree to meet at least once a month, with greater frequency if mutually convenient.
  • Mentor and protégé will be notified of their acceptance in the mentorship program and of their matched partner. Applicants who cannot be accommodated for the program will also be notified and encouraged to apply the following year.
  • A kick-off event enhances networking opportunities for all mentors and proteges.
  • WID Michigan will sponsor various events throughout the program year. Designed for professional development, these events include time for pairs to discuss the topic and network with other mentors, protégés, and WID Michigan members.



The ideal mentor applicant has at least 10 years of active experience in the defense industry. The mentor should demonstrate leadership and communication skills. It is preferred that the mentor applicant has some previous experience in mentoring or teaching. They should also value diversity.

Mentors do not need to be WID members, although preference will be given to those who are.


The ideal protégé candidate is one who has clear personal goals relating to the defense industry, and is open to constructive advice. The protégé should be willing to communicate openly, honestly, and respectfully. They should also value diversity.

Protégés must be WID members.